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I Was Raised On A Farm...

Great Blues Recordings is pleased to offer this CD album recording by Wild Bill Pitre titled "I Was Raised On A Farm"

The recording has sixteen tracks of Texas/Louisiana blues...over one hour of original music writted and performed by Wild Bill Pitre! This was Wild Bill's final recording before his death June 27, 2003

One listen to this recording and you will know why Wild Bill Pitre "woke up the crowd" at the 2001 Blues Estafette Festival in Utrecht, Holland.

Phil Wight, a writer for the English Magazine “Blues & Rhythm” writes: “Wild isn’t the most orthodox guitarist around and with his thick as a stand of Kudzu vine Louisiana accent and occasional song rendered in French it’s sometimes hard to pick up on what he is singing. Sort of a roux of the Fat Possum sound hot-wired to John Lee Hooker and Joseph Spence via the swamps and rice fields. Wild doesn’t sing a song: he assaults it with violent strumming and picking and brings it to a conclusion when the mood takes him!

I Was Raised On A Farm CD Cover Although it’s chaotic in patches it’s also bluesy as hell; it’s totally infectious good time music with the rough edges intact. Paul Orta holds things together on harp and perfectly complements Wild’s wayward picking.

Wild’s music is a liberal mixture of Lightnin’ Hopkins influences, and I detect a trace of Juke Boy Bonner also. “Sawmill Blues” displays influences from the Louisiana style. The spirit of Jimmie Rodgers rears it’s head on “Mexican Blues” and it’s C&W all the way with “If You Miss Me”.

I know it’s a tired old cliché but I really thought that records like this were a thing of the past. Wild describes himself as ‘an old coonass from Louisiana’ and if you like your blues neat and sanitized then Wild isn’t for you, but if you enjoy a musician who defies convention (and sometimes defies description) and is not afraid to take liberties then ‘I Was Raised On A Farm’ certainly is worth checking out.”

ln addition to the vocals and guitar licks by Wild Bill Pitre, musicians on the"I Was Raised On A Farm" CD includes Paul Orta and Dan Moser on Harmonica, Little Ray Ybarra and Butch Jarvis on Drums, Paul Choate on Bass, and Roger Ward on Slide Guitar.

Song titles on CD:

Bill's Boogie
Who's Making Love To You Tonight
Ain't Comin' Back
Sawmill Blues
Bon Ton Roule
Christmas Blues
Houston Boogie
Black Cat
Hey Little Girl
Ain't That Wantin' You
I Woke Up This Morning
Black Girl Blues
Mexican Baby
If You Miss Me Like You Do
I Don't Give A Damn
I Been Workin'

Sample a 1 minute audio sample of the recording in .MP3 format (91k).For information about MP3 audio, and/or to download an MP3 Player, Click "MP3".

Every lover of good-rockin'-Texas/Louisiana Blues will want to have a copy of this recording for their collection.

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