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Forensic Audio Noise Reduction - Audio Enhancement

Audio noise reduction of old, poor quality, or deteriorating tapes or vinyl records is a special service we offer. A new computer system with professional software, and over 50 years of audio recording experience, enables us to do noise reduction and audio enhancement.

EXAMPLES: (1.) On a micro-cassette recording of two (or more) people in discussion or argument, one person's voice is usually much lower in volume than the other. A loud air conditioner or other background noises can make vital words difficult to understand. We can, in many cases, lower the offending noise and bring up clarity in the voices.

(2.) In conversation that is very fast or heated, voices may not be clearly understood. We can slow-down the rate of speech (without changing the "pitch" of the voices). We can "edit-out" or cut portions (such as long pauses or unnecessary speech). Once the audio editing/enhancement is complete, copies can be made on cassettes and/or compact discs (CD's). This type of noise reduction/enhancement can be very useful in legal court cases.

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We also preserve material on your old tapes and vinyl records. Let us "clean up" your treasured family recordings and transfer them to a CD. Contact us for more information.

We also Master CD's to "Red Book" manufacturing standards. For more information click on "CD Mastering"

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