To Purchase with PayPal, Debit or Credit Card

How To make a secure purchase of one or more of our CD's, or digital download of one or more songs, with your PayPal account, Debit or Credit card.

First of all, all purchases on our website is transacted though the secure services of PayPal. Our Company, Great Recordings, LLC, does not receive any financial information other than what song(s) you bought and the amount of the sale. We do not receive any information about your Debit or Credit card.

Before you make a Purchase, we recommend you first set up an Account with us. You are not required to open an account, you may make a purchase as a "Guest" if you prefer.

To set up an account, click the "My Account" located in the blue bar near the top of the Home page. Complete the information for the account then return to the Home page.

Click the "Menu" logo to display a left side bar.
If you are looking for a particular Artist on our company labels, enter that name in the search window at the top of the side bar.
Or Click "Music Styles". A drop down list of music styles show. Select style of music you are interested in and available CD's in that music style will be displayed.
To see more details about any CD's click "Info and Track Purchase"
On this view you can listen to samples of the songs on the CD. You can also place into the shopping basket your choice of having the CD delivered to you by Postal Mail, or buying a copy for Digital Download, or Digital Downloading of 1 or more songs from the CD.
After you make your choice, a window appears showing you details of what you have selected.
If all is in order click "Checkout and Pay"
Shopping Basket appears. Click "Continue.
Account sign in window appears.
Enter your Account Email and Password or check ""sign in as Guest".
Click "Continue"
Coupon-Gift Card Window appears. Click "Continue'
Payment Window appears showing :PayPal"
check "Check Box to accept terms and conditions".
Click "Checkout and Pay"
Purchase Window shows.
Select PayPal (if paying with your PayPal Account), or Debit or Credit Card.
Click Continue.
Comlete information requwsted by PayPal to complete transaction.
When transaction completes, there will be a notice of completion. If your purchase was for a Digital Download, there will be a Download Button so you may download your Purchase.
You will also receive three emails. One from PayPal with a Receipt showing you the amount of the purchase charged to your PayPal Acount, Debit or Credit Card. Onne from Great Recordings LLC with details about your Purchase, and a second email from us with the terms and conditions of the sale. Please note that on the email from us showing details of your purchase, no Sales Taxes are included. If there is a Sales Tax to be added it will show on the email receipt you will receive from PayPal. If you are missing some or all of the emails please check your "Spam" folder first before contacting us.

If you have any problems or questions, contact us by clicking "Support" in the Blue Bar on our Home Page.

Thank You.
Great Recordings, LLC