SHUFFLE WITH LESTER Featuring Paul Orta and Lazy Lester

In 1999 the walls of The Musik Faktory (now named Great Recordings, LLC) were bouncing sounds of blues legend Lazy Lester with Paul Orta, Ervin Charles, "Uncle" John Turner, Little Ray Ybarra, Pierre Pelegrin, Clay Windham, Kevin Gasssert and Trent Lebeouf pumping out the real deal, low down blues! This recording event is now being made available and is a great addition to the blues lover library.

We invite you to listen to the song samples, then order your personal copy of the CD. You may wish to order a second (or more) copies as a gift for someone you know that would appreciate this recording.

Paul Orta passed away May 16, 2019 at his home in Port Arthur, Texas.
Title Time Bitrate Cost  
She Know How 3m 46s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Bright Lights, Big City 4m 54s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Hey, Mr. Devil 6m 41s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Judgement Day 3m 44s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Tear Drops 5m 32s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Leaving In The Morning 2m 59s 256 kBit/s $0.99
You Were My Lovebird 4m 23s 256 kBit/s $0.99
You Don't Have To Go 5m 19s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Don't Start Me Talking 3m 15s 256 kBit/s $0.99
The Sky Is Crying 5m 44s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Don't Worry Baby 5m 1s 256 kBit/s $0.99
One Of These Mornings 4m 46s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Shuffle With Lester 6m 33s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Wasted Days & Wasted Nights 3m 31s 256 kBit/s $0.99

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