LORD I GIVE MY LIFE TO YOU - Featuring Rev. Walter Jackson, Sr. and Rose Bell

Rev. Walter Jackson, Sr. dedicated his life to GOD at a very early age.

Although raised without a Mother and Father...and going through some very difficult times...he said GOD was very good to him.

The songs in this CD reflects his life-long commitment, and encourages everyone who hears these songs to draw closer to the Savior.

Rev. Jackson wrote these songs in collaboration with his musical accompanist Rose Bell. Rose Bell was a gifted musician and vocalist, as is evident in these recordings.

Rose Bell passed away ijust a few months before Rev. Jackson's passing in September of 2014.
Title Time Bitrate Cost  
Who Do You Think You Are 4m 37s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Nobody Knows But Jesus And Me 5m 13s 256 kBit/s $0.99
I'm Happy 3m 40s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Here Am I 5m 38s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Got The Devil Under My Feet 5m 8s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Angels Get My Mansion Ready 5m 13s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Lord I Give My Life To You 8m 27s 256 kBit/s $0.99
I Got Jesus On My Mind 4m 11s 256 kBit/s $0.99
I Just Can't Keep It To Myself 6m 56s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Hold On And See 6m 40s 256 kBit/s $0.99

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