GOSPEL Featuring Terry Daily

These are heartfelt Country-Gospel songs that Terry Daily has written. Terry says it is his hope that these songs will seep into our hearts and remind us that GOD is always here among us, and he prays that they will help to give someone Faith and Hope.

Please note: Songs # 1, 7, 10 & 12 were originally released on CD titled TERRY DAILY (GR2017-2).
Songs # 5, 6, 8 & 11 originally released on CD titled I'VE PAID MY DUES (GR2033-2).
Songs # 2, 3, 4 & 9 originally released on CD titled COUNTRY BLUES 9GR2054-2).

All songs were re-mastered for this CD release.

All recording, mixing and mastering was done at Great Recordings, LLC Recording Studio in Port Arthur, Texas.

We invite you to listen to the audio samples and order your CD copy today.
Title Time Bitrate Cost  
Vicky's Bible 2m 52s 256 kBit/s $0.99
That Is How The Lost Get Found 3m 13s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Pharaoh's Army Got Drowned 2m 58s 256 kBit/s $0.99
At The Table Of The Lord 3m 7s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Having A Rising 2m 20s 256 kBit/s $0.99
I Stand Amazed 4m 8s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Are You Working Like The Devil 2m 38s 256 kBit/s $0.99
A Sinner's Prayer 3m 46s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Parson Brown 2m 33s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Somebody Must Be Praying For Me 2m 54s 256 kBit/s $0.99
You Did That For Me 2m 39s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Honey In The Rock 3m 27s 256 kBit/s $0.99

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