CORPUS CHRISTI Featuring Cecilia Ellis

GREAT GOSPEL RECORDINGS is pleased to offer a CD recording featuring original Instrumental music on electronic keyboards, written and performed by Cecilia Ellis. The nearly one-hour recording is titled "CORPUS CHRISTI": Meditations of Compassion.

While Gospel accounts vary on the number and identity of those present at the foot of the Cross, it is clear that He was forgotten by many. Where were those who had been healed - spiritually, psychologically, physically - by His words...His touch...His presence? Where were those with whom He had eaten? Most significantly, where were those whom He had personally called to be servants? Where were those whom He had called "Friend?"

Recognizing that for God, all - in kairos - is a current event, we can make up for what was lacking at the Crucifixion: compassion for Jesus. With our love, adoration, reverence and commitment, freely given at this moment, the Father, Who presently witnesses His Son tortured to death, simultaneously beholds empathy being rendered for Jesus at Calvary.

The music of "CORPUS CHRISTI" (Body of Christ) exists solely for the purpose of rendering compassion to Jesus, that is, to make up for what many believe was lacking at the foot of the Cross.
Title Time Bitrate Cost  
Veni, Sancte Spiritus (Come, H 7m 28s 256 kBit/s $1.42
Berakah (Blessing) 5m 28s 256 kBit/s $1.42
Angel Of The Alter 8m 38s 256 kBit/s $1.42
Consecration 7m 33s 256 kBit/s $1.42
Corpus Christi (Body Of Christ 10m 3s 256 kBit/s $1.42
Eucharistia (Blessing) 6m 9s 256 kBit/s $1.42
Corpus Christi (Reprise) 9m 53s 256 kBit/s $1.42

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