25 MILES FROM TEXAS Featuring Dickie Peltier

Great Blues Recordings is pleased to offer the recording by Dickie Peltier titled 25 MILES FROM TEXAS.

This one-hour recording contains 17 original Texas Blues songs. The album features blues-rockers like '25 Miles From Texas', 'See Me Cry', 'Makin' Tracks', 'Never Met A Woman', 'Tornado Warnin' and some slower traditional blues styles such as 'Movin' On', 'Good Times', 'Goin' Back To Texas', 'Slow Blues in B', 'Bad Bad Feelin' and many more. The majority of the songs were written by Dickie.

Dickie Peltier's vocals and guitar shows the heavy influence of the Southeast Texas heritage of Blues Legends such as Johnny and Edgar Winter, Janis Joplin, T-Bone Walker, and other notables, past and present. Dickie has some great backing on this recording by his long-time musician friends Paul Choate (Bass), Lewis Reeves (Drums), Don LeBlanc (Keyboards), Joe Mendoza (Harmonica) and Nick Colida (Harmonica).

Dickie Peltier is a native of Port Arthur, Texas and has paid his dues performing with his own band for several years as DICK E AND THE TORNADOES throughout Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota and Colorado.

Every lover of good-rockin'-Texas Blues will want to have a copy of this recording for their collection.

We invite you to listen to the song samples, then order your personal copy of the CD. You may wish to order a second (or more) copies as a gift for someone you know that would appreciate this recording.
Title Time Bitrate Cost  
25 Miles From Texas 3m 16s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Slow Dancin' 2m 47s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Gonna Be Alright 4m 16s 256 kBit/s $0.99
See Me Cry 3m 55s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Good Times 6m 3s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Makin' Tracks 3m 40s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Two Timin' Lovin' 2m 45s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Fadin' Out 3m 56s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Movin' On 3m 49s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Never Met A Woman 2m 54s 256 kBit/s $0.99
I'm Comin Home 3m 5s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Slow Blues In B 4m 3s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Patty Cakes 3m 42s 256 kBit/s $0.99
You Know I Love You 2m 49s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Bad Bad Feelin' 3m 22s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Tornado Warnin' 2m 37s 256 kBit/s $0.99
Goin' Back To Texas 4m 30s 256 kBit/s $0.99

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