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Jason M. Miller is a Singer-Songwriter in the Folk tradition. Jason says:

"The Corner Always Wins" was written in the Summer of 2005. I woke one morning singing the chorus, so I quickly wrote them down and recorded it, so that later on the verse lyrics could be added by Jai Suire from Austin, Texas.

"She Walks Away" is a song I wrote back in the late '90's. It's about bridges and the 'small town syndrome'. I re-recorded the song as "The Statement" in 2008 for my "No Storms Come" Album.

"Morning Table" was written in a hotel in Houston, Texas during the evacuation for Hurricane Rita in September of 2005. I had a cassette recorder with me and recorded the demo in the room and then sent the song to Jamie to add the latter verses.

"To Happen Out Loud" started out as lyric to a poem by Jai Suire that she gave to me to set to music.

"When You Came Back" is another early song written in the '90's. It's basically about the longing to see someone that you love when they return home, however, at the same time realizing that too many things have changed between the two of you.

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