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CD Mastering Services...To Red Book Manufacturing Standards

We offer CD Mastering services. The Mastering of the final mixdown is most important in preparing for CD Replication. The steps required to give your CD recording that "major-label" sound should include:

Cleaning up "Heads and Tails"

Normally there will be noises at the beginning and end of each song (1-2-3 counts, clicking, amplifier noises, etc.). Digital Mastering eliminates these unwanted sounds and create tight beginnings and endings.

Spacing between songs

The amount of time between each song can be adjusted for effect. Digital Mastering makes possible fading in a song while the previous song fades out, if you wish that effect.>Sequencing

Arrange the order in which your songs are played.


Compression, expansion, equalization, noise reduction and normalizing. Most final mixes benefit from some or all of these digital enhancements.


One of the most important steps in a major-label sounding CD is "normalizing". Normalizing finds the loudest peak in the song then adjusts all of the audio surrounding that peak to a consistent level. Normalizing makes sure that the left and right channels are of equal amplitudes, and keeps all tracks at an equal volume. The result is a recording that is as "hot" as it can be on your final CD, without "clipping" any of your audio.

We utilize Sony/Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge Editing/Enhancement/CD Architect/Noise Reduction Pro Computer Software. Let us put our over 50 years experience in audio recordings to work with you, to make sure your CD recordings sound as good as possible. We are committed to producing the highest quality CD's possible from your Master recordings at very reasonable prices.

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