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Great Blues Recordings, Great Country Recordings, Great Gospel Recordings, Great Cajun Recordings, Great Flite Recordings, and Great R&B Recordings are owned and marketed by GREAT RECORDINGS, LLC.

On December 24, 2015, after 58 years of operation, we closed our Recording Studio.

The recording studio began in October, 1957 as L & F Recording Service at 1820 - 7th Street in Port Arthur, Texas. The studio was owned and operated by Lois and Floyd Badeaux.

The studio was relocated to 1812 - Procter Steet in October, 1959.

In 1970 the studio installed new Four-Track and Stereo recording equipment. The decision was made to change the name to "Musik Faktory". Originally, the common spelling of "Music Factory" was to be used. However, a new studio in Florida opened by the same name, so it was decided to use the European spelling of "Musik". In the word "Factory", "K" was substituted for the "C" to match the spelling of "Musik".

A major renovation of the studio, and installation of new Digital recording equipment was completed in December, 1993.

We also began working with selected Artists, Musicians and Songwriters in developing several recording labels.

In late 1997 we installed a new computer system to prepare our own CD Masters. In 2008 we are upgrading again and installing a new Digital Console Mixer, Computer and software, and upgrades to our Website.

A major change took place on July 10, 2008 when our name officially changed from The Musik Faktory to GREAT RECORDINGS, LLC (Limited Liability Company under the Laws of Texas). The name change reflects our goal...to strive to produce great recordings.

Thanks to our many customers we have serverd over these years...it has been our pleasure.

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