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L'AMANT! Band Photo Members of the three-piece dynamo trio are: Jacques L'amant - Lead Guitar and Vocals, Lucky L'amant - Drums and Backing Vocals, and Jon-Bernard L'amant - Bass and Backing Vocals.

Jacques L'amant has spent the past two decades singing and playing the blues. From busking in the streets of Paris to performing in clubs in New York, Chicago, and Austin he's developed his own unique voice, steeped in the true blues tradition and brought into the present day.

The past two years have found Jack touring Texas and surrounding states with his new band L'AMANT! whose original style bridges the gap between classic blues and modern sounds from the underground of popular music.

Drummer Lucky L'amant is a veteran of the Austin and Houston blues and rock scenes and bassist Jon-Bernard has worked with groups more closely associated with the punk and roots rock styles.

L'AMANT! have recently released their first full length CD on the Port Arthur, Texas based label Great Blues Recordings. Their previous demos have received airplay worldwide and the group plans on expanding their touring base in the coming months to include both East and West Coasts and eventually Europe.

The new CD features some special quests: harp men Walter Daniels (Big Foot Chester) and Salvatore 'Banzai" La Rocca (John McVey) plus Ralph White (Bad Livers) and Breakfastime (Texacala Jones).

We invite you to order a copy of the CD (or several copies). We appreciate your support.

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