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How to Order Great Recordings

We need and appreciate your active support for our independent record labels, artists and songwriters.
We commit ourselves to doing whatever we can to earn your support and friendship, beginning with producing quality recordings you will enjoy and want in your music library.

To order any of our recordings, you may use your credit card - Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express - or with your PayPal account. You may also order by Mail by sending Cash, Check, or Money Order and the titles of the recordings you wish to the address listed below. Be sure to include your Email address with your orders so we may contact you if there is any questions about your order.

As part of our growing family of friends, you always come first...and your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.


CD's & Cassette Albums
For Recordings priced at $12.98 - Texas Residents add $1.07 for sales tax.
For Recordings priced at $10.98 - Texas Residents add $0.91 for sales tax.
For Recordings priced at $9.98 - Texas Residents add $0.82 for sales tax

Cassingle (Cassette Singles) are sold for $3.98.(Texas Residents add $0.33 sales tax)

Add the following shipping/handling charges to your Mail Order:
For Cassettes & CD's
Within the U.S.A....$2.65 for each recording.
To Canada/Mexico(airmail)...$3.65 for each recording.
Europe/U.K.(airmail)...$4.65 for each recording.
Australia/Far East (airmail)...$5.60 for each recording.

In most cases, your orders will be on their way to you by the next business day after receiving your order.

To order by mail, send your list of recordings wanted, mailing address, E-Mail address, Cash, Check or Money Order to:

P. O. Box 1436
Port Arthur, TX 77641-1436

Please remember to include your E-Mail address so we may contact you if there is a delay or problem with your order. We will NOT give or sell your E-Mail address to anyone.

We sincerely appreciate and welcome your support of our Artists and their recordings.

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