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Lionel Prevost...

Lionel Prevost photo Lionel Prevost, Musician/Vocalist... was extremely talented, specially on the Saxophone. Gospel, Blues, Jazz, Lionel tackled almost any type of music, with a unique way of capturing the 'soul' of the song. Listening to Lionel in concert or on recordings, convinces the listener of this fact.

Lionel was born in Oxford(near Franklin), La. on December 4, 1935. He and his family moved to Port Arthur, Texas in 1941, where he was a proud graduate of Abraham Lincoln High School in 1953.

In High School, Lionel began performing with local bands. After graduation, he began performing "on the road". In 1961 he "went to sea" - working on ships - for 9 years. He also has supported his family with construction work. During those years he continued to perform and do studio recording work.

Lionel has performed and/or recorded with many notable musicians including: Clifton Chenier, T-Bone Walker, Roscoe Gordon, Etta James, Fats Domino and the fabulous Ray Charles. Lionel was invited and performed in the 1991 Blues Festival in Amsterdam, Holland.

Lionel and devoted wife Bessie have five children, and made their home in Port Arthur, Texas.

Lionel died April 25, 2002.

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