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About Downloading Music

Buying and downloading music in .MP3 format is a very popular method for many people interested in obtaining individual songs and full albums. Most, and soon all, of our Artists CDs will be available for digital downloading from several websites such as Apples's ITunes,, and others. In addition, we will be making some of our CDs available for downloading direct from our website. Our MP3s (128kbps Stereo, or 160kbps Stereo)are prepared with software from Sony/Sound Forge stated to be "CD Quality".

We have gone through extensive testing of the software we purchased and intergrating it into our website. Should you have any problems with the purchase of our CDs or downloads, contact us so we can resolve the problem. We appreciate your friendship, comments and ideas to help us support the Artists, Musicians and Songwriters on our Labels.

How to download MP3's
Choose the CD or music tracks you want by clicking on "Buy This Music CD Download" or "Download This Song" link. When you are done shopping, checkout and complete the payment process using PayPal (NOTE: You do not have to have an account with PayPal to place an order. You may use your major brand Credit Card and PayPal will accept it). After you have completed the payment process, you will receive two Emails...almost immediate. One Email will be from PayPal confirming that you have completed the transaction and providing you with a receipt. The other Email will be from us containing links to each of the songs you purchased. Example: If you order a complete CD Album with 11 songs, your Email will contain 12 for each song and one for the CD artwork in printable PDF format. Note: you only receive artwork if you buy a complete CD Album.

Each link is valid for 24 hours. Click on link and download the file to your hard drive and save. Click on another link and download & save the file to your hard drive. Follow this proceedure until all of the links have downloaded all of the songs (and artwork) you have purchased. You may then go to your hard drive...where you saved your downloaded audio/artwork files...then open them, burn, play and enjoy!

Contact us if you have any problems purchasing and/or downloading our Artists CDs.

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