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Cecilia Ellis...

Cecilia Ellis was born in Beaumont, Texas.

She has lived in many parts of the World during a 20 year career with the United States Navy, and has had a lifetime of interest in Scripture and music.

Cecilia has attended Graduate studies at The Catholic University Of America (Washington, D.C.) and Notre Dame University in Indiana. She has had a lifetime of interest in Scripture and music.

In explaining about her music, she offers the following: The advice of a fifth century hermit --Abba Poemen -- remains as valid today as it did when first uttered: 'Do not give your heart to that which does not satisfy your heart."

A mere drive through any city in this Western culture, a rapid scanning of any news journal or a cursory review of prime-time television programming reveals that we, despite our superior technology and abundant natural resources, are a lonely and indigent people.

I have witnessed the noise of loneliness growing louder and louder. As a child, I heard it in the tortured gaze of an elderly black lady who was denied seating on an almost- empty bus, because the four seats at the back, which were reserved for African-Americans were filled. By the time I was a teenager and college student, I had heard it crescendo in the nightmares revealed by returning Vietnam Veterans, in the addictions expressed by those whose lives appeared meaningless, and in the tempest of a growing number of abandoned or runaway children. In the span of a career, I have now heard it climax in the daily violence of Cain killing Abel for powder, power or the sheer thrill of random rage.

It is time for silence, a silence that speaks the language of the heart...a silence that penetrates deception, reveals truth and restores life. It is time to listen to the words of one wiser than the noise: "Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10).

To hear that silence, I compose and perform music that articulates the language of the soul. Where I have been and what I have done have no value comparable to that of a single moment spent in prayer...in the quiet presence of Unconditional Love.

Cecilia makes her home in Beaumont, Texas

Listen to her original compositions on the recording titled "Corpus Christi".

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