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We are converting our audio sample files to the "instant streaming" format to give better service to you visiting our web site. However, many audio samples are still in the MP3 format. Which means you will need an MP3 Player to hear these audio samples. MP3 Players are available either Free or as Shareware, for downloading to your computer.

A free player may be had by clickingAudio Active Player

An excellent Shareware program that we like is WinAMP. You may download and install WinAMP in your computer by clicking on WinAMP

If you do not have an MP3 Player installed on your computer, We suggest you bookmark our web site, then visit either of the two websites above (Audio Active or WinAMP) to obtain a player then re-visit our site to hear music samples.

We welcome any comments you may wish to send us by E-Mail

We sincerely appreciate and welcome your support of our Artists and their recordings.

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